TalkTalk are trying to make me pay a bill that they have drummed up after cancelling the service long after so called contract which I never had. I paid for a full year line rental up front for cheaper internet, they continued billing me for higher rates without my consent or knowledge.
  I had left my home and the house was locked up for a few years and no internet was used in the period that they wanted money for, they have sent it to two different dept collectors, the bill is for over £350. I was offered a deal two times to settle for £100 the first time then they said today £120 as a good will gesture. I refused both times and I said money is not the problem, it's talktalk trying to rip me off and they are going to get the problem, so I turned it around and said for a good will gesture I would pay one months worth of internet in case of a cool off period or bank or post or what ever. The bloke Graham and I spoke today for over half an hour said no and eventually he said he would have a word with his boss and send me an email if he had any luck with my good will gesture of paying for one month. Well no email, so here is my review on this matter.
  I promised that if they were successful in taking my money somehow then I promise to make talktalk my hobby and I would cause them as much harm as possible financially and physically to their equipment or property. I told him to keep this conversation recording for evidence as I am threatening talktalk and I would love the chance to be in court so it goes publicly viral, and I promised that I would cost them thousands of pounds worth of harm and prepared to go to jail with pleasure. My hobby would go on for 3 months of 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. I have looked on the internet and I'm far from the only one and imagine all who don't report the issues.
  So if you have been affected the same way then I hope you will help this go viral for the sake of others that can't go through the haste or be prepared to go through the stress that they would have to go throug. If the system can't help me then I WILL HELP MYSELF to sort things and do the job the system is supposed to do. If they can't protect me then I WILL protect myself.
  Feel free to copy and paste this where ever you want. Good luck and thanks for reading this long review.

Dr Jeff Morris

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